We regret to inform that Causal-ITALY 2022 will not take place. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. #

Call for Papers #

Causal-ITALY aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners in artificial intelligence, logic, and philosophy of science, for informal discussions and community building with a dedicated focus on methods and trends emerging from the study of causality.

This is in conjunction with the Italian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AIxIA. For details on conference participation, registration, venue, please visit .

Submission deadline: 23rd September 2022 30th September 2022, Anywhere on Earth

In a socio-economical context rapidly moving towards an ethical use of robust artificial intelligence, causality stands out as a vastly important and needed feature. Causality directly supports what-if and counterfactual reasoning, fundamental components for any ethical, robust, and resilient use of artificial intelligence tools and systems. Indeed, much of the current research in artificial intelligence aims at predicting future events. However, no matter how sophisticated the predictive algorithms, their users may fall into the trap of equating correlation with causation.

We welcome the submission of papers on systems, tools, and applications of artificial intelligence methods for causal learning and reasoning, both logic-based and statistical. We encourage submissions presenting recent developments, including works in progress, as well as short summaries of recently published papers.

Papers will be collected in informal, non-archival proceedings.

Topics #

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Causal discovery in complex environments and in real-world
  • Efficient causal discovery in large-scale databases
  • Causal effect identification and estimation
  • Causally-enriched reinforcement learning and active learning
  • Disentanglement, representation learning, and developing safe AI from a causal perspective
  • Modelling causal theories
  • Causality, temporal reasoning and action theories
  • Causality and counterfactual reasoning
  • Causality, learning and experimental design
  • Causality and probability
  • Causality and equivalence
  • Causality and ontology
  • Relating non-monotonic approaches and Causal Networks
  • Challenging problems and benchmark examples
  • Tools, systems and applications dealing with causality

Submission details #

Kindly ensure that your paper is written in English and formatted using the guidelines you find here.

Long papers are limited to 7 pages including references. Short papers—including works in progress and summaries of recently published papers—should be between 2 and 4 pages including references.

All papers must be submitted online via Easychair at .

All submissions will receive a light-touch peer-review by experts based on significance, clarity, and expected contribution to the academic discussions at the workshop.

Causal-Italy is a specialized workshop without archival proceedings, and no proceedings available on the web. As such, many conferences accept duplicate submissions. We encourage the authors to carefully examine the policy of the conference/journal they intend to submit their work to before submitting their paper to Causal-Italy.

Important dates #

  • Submission deadline: 23rd September 2022 30th September 2022, Anywhere on Earth
  • Notification of acceptance: 21st October 2022 28th October 2022
  • Camera-ready: 21st November 2022